Why choose us

Cost Minimisation

Our disputes and risk management lawyers at Rays Lawyer focus on avoiding costly proceedings and trials, and emphasises speedy resolutions without compromising on results. We are expert disputes strategists and have a record of delivering the best results for our clients quickly and at the minimum possible expense.

Legal disputes are costly, time consuming and draining. If possible it’s best to avoid disputes, but this is not always possible. If you’re involved in a dispute, it’s important to work with a disputes lawyer who understands that going to court isn’t necessarily going to be the best option.

We enjoy helping clients get to where they want to go with their best interest at the forefront of our minds.

Knowing your rights and actions

Rays Lawyer understands your rights and actions, which will form the very basis of your legal actions.  We are not afraid to tell you that something is not going to work even if you or someone else believed that it would.

Act in your best interest

Should your matter end up in court, it may still be advisable to settle before judgement is reached. Rays lawyer can advise you on the progress of your case and propose settlement should this be the appropriate course of action.  The timing of negotiation can be crucial in obtaining the best possible result.  We can discuss the strategy with you at your very first meeting with us.