We are tech-savvy lawyers and are interested in constantly improving the way we do things using the latest and reliable technology for things that you can see and things that you cannot easily see.  We use cloud based technology and software as a service (SaaS) to provide our services, which, traditionally, were done manually.  We ensure that your confidentiality remain with us.


We believe in providing you with a strong legal representation. We keep your best outcome in mind throughout our handling of your case. Based in Sydney CBD, we are just a stone throw away from the commercial courts and tribunal. Many of our clients have benefited from our diligence and close involvement in their legal and factual cases.

We do not try to do everything. We specialise and spend our energy in a few specific areas. We do this because we believe it increases our efficiency and expertise.

Litigation: Litigation makes up the biggest part of our practice

Business transactions: We are passionate about helping businesses succeed



We have appeared before courts and tribunals on countless occasions previously and understand what would be significant and what wouldn’t be.  We are not a fan of putting everything across to the Court for the sake of it.  This may hurt the presentation of your case.

Our clients are from diverse backgrounds, ethnically and with differing levels of financial means.

We protect and act in your best interest.  It is not easy to find firms that truly understand this.  We go the extra miles to understand your cases and present your case in the most convincing and understandable way.

We have proven track records in doing this and achieving outstanding outcomes against opponents who either were ill-prepared or simply refused to accept the straightforward logical arguments that we had put forward.  It often takes a lot of efforts to decipher all information (from the client and the other side), judge the value of each argument and select and arrange the best argument in a convincing and logical way.  Every client of ours has benefited from our representations.

Many of our clients have engaged us because we take great interest in their financial circumstances and business goals (and not just their legal issues). This makes it possible for us to better represent them and help them make their choices. In doing all this, we believe in being transparent about our costs and will discuss this with you in our very first meeting.

We are fluent in Korean and, if needed, are able to handle matters without the use of interpreter or translations.


Our clients own or have owned variety of businesses such as café, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, insurance companies, car parking businesses, gaming businesses, physiotherapy, etc.  In each case, we help them:

understand the processes from the outset;

negotiate the terms of the agreements;

make decisions throughout the transactions;

settle the transactions; and

understand what needs to be done after the completion of the transactions.

Several clients had other issues arising out of operation of the businesses and contacted us for further advice along the way.