Dealing with stress of litigation – Mental Compartmentalisation

One way of dealing with stress of litigation is to compartmentalise tasks in your head.  An extreme example of this is when someone has multiple personalities and is not aware of what her other personalities are doing or thinking.  However, a mild and balanced adoption of compartmentalisation may benefit you and indeed is a hallmark of some successful people.

It also explains why some bilingual speakers can speak either language without apparent accent.  The answer seems to lie in developing a new personality when you learn to speak a new language.  Each language is a manifestation of a unique culture.  For example, an English speaker in America would find it very difficult to adopt Australian accent (although some Australians would deny that they have an accent).  The Australian accent reflects its culture of easy going and relaxed personalities.  Therefore, it requires the vocal muscles to be completely relaxed when speaking.

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Stress with alot on your mind

A more common example of mental compartmentalisation is when you are required to work in a profession.  It is quite apparent that a professional is sometimes required to act in a certain way and even expected to do so.  This may not agree with your personalities so you are then given a choice.  Will you or will you not conform to the perceived standard?  If you develop the ability to compartmentalise everything you do in your profession, you will not be restricted by your own personalities that you had developed in your private, family and social life.  Your professional personality may also share some common ground with your private personality so far as they are useful but you will be free to develop and acquire new skills and behaviour that would be necessary to succeed in your profession.

This applies to dealing with any litigation or other problems that you may become involved in.  As soon as you mentally disconnect these from your own personalities, your heavy load should immediately or gradually reduce.  This is because you do not see the problem as an attack on your personally any longer.  Things become more objective and you will begin to focus more on how to resolve them.  This should also bring some relief when you switch to focus on your personal life since you are not in the zone of having to deal with those problems.  You leave it to the next time you come to deal with them.

The article below demonstrates the extreme case of a patient having multiple personalities mentioned above.

Woman was blind for 17 years – then one of her other personalities started to see via the link

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