Our Team


Ray Kim photoRay Kim, LLM(Hon), LLB, BSc(Physics), CFA II

Ray Kim specialises in commercial litigation at Rays Lawyer. He has acted for an ASX listed company, small to medium businesses and individuals.

He has delivered outstanding results when acting for those clients including:

Pinpointing and thoroughly developing a centre-piece defence that were not discovered by other barristers and solicitors prior to his taking the matter over personally.

Successfully defending a client against a claim by a debt factoring company. The factoring company had purchased an alleged debt and sued the client in estoppel.  Ray made it clear that the factoring company could not show a critical element of its estoppel claim: reliance.  This was because the factoring company did not act in any way in reliance of any representation made by the client, which was a very expedient point.  Eventually, the factoring company withdrew the case and paid the client its legal costs.

Ray is fluent in both English and Korean.


Patricia O'Shane PhotoPatricia O’Shane, AM, LLB, LLM

Pat has recently retired from her judicial role as a magistrate, which she held for about 27 years and is presently undertaking a further Master of Law degree in Family Law through the College of Law.

Pat has been involved in the law since attending the University of New South Wales Law Degree course in the early 1970s.

While at law school, she decided to undertake practice in criminal law, but it was not long after she left law school that she became involved in a range of law practice, including prisoner’s rights, consumer rights, rights of the mentally ill, and many others.

At a time when she took up working with the NSW Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Aboriginal Land Rights, she started her Master of Laws degree at The Sydney University, which was located at the end of the street, in close proximity to Parliament House.

After the legislation was introduced, she went to Canberra where she worked on women’s rights and the impact of the United Nations Decade of Women in the Australian context. As a consequence of her working there she was appointed as a member of the Australian Government’s delegation to the End of the Decade Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

On her return to Australia, she was invited by the then Attorney-General of New South Wales, to take up the position of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, a position she held for 5 years.

She enjoys the usual range of legal practice, including criminal law, litigation, and family law, and child protection. She also has a good working knowledge of workplace safety and industrial law, having acted as the Chief Industrial Magistrate in the course of her long judicial experience.


Rays John Lee John Lee, LLB, BA, LLM

John Lee is a licensed legal practitioner in New South Wales, New Zealand and in New York, U.S.A.

He specialises in US and Australian migration law, with particularly extensive experience in reapplying for denied visas, as well as in filing permanent residency petitions on behalf of professionals of various expertise, such as engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and musicians.

He has also worked at an international corporate law firm in South Korea, where he gained comprehensive experience in corporate and international trade law, including contract reviews and negotiations and due diligence investigations.

He is fluent in English, Korean, French and Japanese.