What we offer


Rays lawyers have expertise and experience in all facets of disputes and litigation, and are adept at advising on such matters as:

– Commercial debt recovery

– Commercial disputes and litigation

– Trade practices disputes

– Shareholders’ and Joint Venture Agreements and disputes

– Criminal law/litigation

– Court case management

– Arbitration

– Mediation

– Conciliation

– Expert determination

– Facilitated dispute processes

– Dispute boards and tribunals

– Negotiated settlements

We are happy to charge fixed costs even for litigated matters.  These fixed costs can be estimated prior to us undertaking work for you.

We offer our service to send a letter of demand to recover your debt.  Whilst you may choose to send your own letter of demand, a letter of demand from a lawyer makes it clear to the other side that you are serious about your demand and taking further action if the debt is not repaid.


Rays Lawyer also advises on the following matters:

– Business transactions such as business sale and purchase

– Leasing

– Drafting complex commercial agreements

– Franchise law

We can conduct comprehensive due diligence before you purchase your business for example. Prior to completing the client’s business purchase, we found that the leased premises for conducting the business had no development application or occupation certificate in place.  Also, we demanded to check the vendor’s business management software which took place prior to even signing the purchase contract. Our client then found that the financial figures were misrepresented.  A subsequent negotiation reduced the purchase price by 20%. There was further time and costs saved through the vendor being required to obtain the appropriate council approvals before the completion.

Our costs can vary depending on the complexity and actual amounts involved.  Please contact us for a free quote.