How we do things


At the outset, we advise and work with the client to decide on the best outcome, and how to achieve it. We keep working to that goal throughout the case.



Many lawyers become carried away with the dispute, and lose sight of the client’s goals. At Rays Lawyer, we always keep a practical eye on the outcome. For example, we will not waste your money on defending a claim you cannot win.



Most of our litigation is settled, to avoid the risk and expense of a Court hearing. But years of experience have shown that the best way to achieve a good settlement is to show the opposition we have a strong legal case against them supported by facts and law. By better preparing your case, we maximise the chances of settlement.



Many solicitors hand over the running of a Court case to barristers. We use specialist barristers for expert advice and high level Court appearances, but we always keep control of the litigation, in the client’s interest. Our skilled litigation solicitors do most of the work that other lawyers leave to the barristers, such as drafting Court documents, conducting Local Court hearings and preliminary hearings and arguments in the Supreme Court and other superior Courts. In this way, we save money for our clients and keep control of the case.



We understand that litigation is often a huge burden on all involved, and that all sides to a dispute generally want to put the disagreement behind them and get on with their lives. That is why we have been pioneers in avoiding resorting to the courts and instead utilising mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Rays Lawyer’s litigation specialists are also highly experienced in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. Sometimes, a mediation, conciliation or other method of dispute resolution can achieve an agreement between the parties without the need for a protracted court battle. In such circumstances, our lawyers can help you get the best achievable result.